"Over the last 12 years, and after treating more than 400 patients in Peru and all over the world, we have succeed in controlling the gout disease and the symptomatic hyperuricemics.

Giving nutritional supplements a second use and analyzing each patient’s characteristics, we have developed a simple, cheap, non-scheduled treatment that allows our patients to eat any food without diet restrictions.

After this 12 years of research, we believe that our treatment has given a better quality of life to more than 400 patients, who can testify the benefits of it.

Today we want to show the world our treatment and that is why we thank you for reading our website “Let’s stop gout”.

Dr. César Ordinola Vieyra

Dr. Cesar Ordinola Vieyra has been studying and treating gout disease since March 31st, 2006.

He is an orthopedic traumatologist who works at the Dos de Mayo National Hospital since February 1st, 1981.

He was in charge of the Specialized Surgery Department in 2002, he also was President of the Medical Association in his hospital from 2003 to 2005. Additional to this, he was in charge of the Orthopedics Traumatology Service since December 2007 until January 2009, then again since March 2013 until March 2014 and also since May 2016 until March 2017.

He is a university professor in San Marcos National University, Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia, Private University Ricardo Palma and Private University San Martín de Porres.

For further information about this innovative and effective treatment you can contact Dr. César Ordinola Vieyra by phone: (511) 331-0863, (511) 969-343-316 (international call to Lima, Perú) or by e-mail: cordinolav@hotmail.com

Innovative and effective treatment for Gout

If you would like to know more about Dr. César Ordinola’s treatment for patients that suffers from gout and hyperuricemic, you can read our presentations.

All you need to do is to click in each of the images below and wait for a few seconds until the presentation shows up on your screen.

February, 2011

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 April, 2011

Gout disease and alpha lipoic acid

 June, 2011

Gout and alpha lipoic acid for the first time in the world

November, 2011 

... 68 months running out gout

May, 2012 

More than 6 years and we don't get exhausted!


"Let's stop gout" was finalist in the Science category of the 20 Peruvian Blogs Awards in 2011, contest organized by the Peruvian Science Network.

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